All of my projects from the November 2014 solicitations…

Resurrectionists #1. CBLDF Benefit variant cover by Jenny Frison. Cover by Juan Doe. 

Captain Midnight #17. Cover by Michael Broussard. 

Captain Midnight Vol. 4: Crash and Burn. Cover by Freddie Williams and Jeremy Roberts. 

Skyman one-shot. Cover by Freddie Williams II and Jeremy Colwell. (Also, it’s assistant editor Spencer Cushing’s writing debut!)

The Strain: The Night Eternal #4. Cover by EM Gist. 

Dark Horse Presents Vol. 3 #4. Cover by Jerry Ordway. 

More info on all these great books over at!

Jenny Frison has an _awesome_ @CBLDF RESURRECTIONISTS #1 Liberty Variant in Nov’s previews! (@JuanDoe’s reg is awesome too) Preorder early and often!