I have decided to make every recipe in Lonely Planet’s excellent The World’s Best Street Food cookbook, documenting it here because, you know, Internet. 

At first I thought I’d go in alphabetical order because, you know, anal, but some of the ingredients are rather exotic, so it’ll be a bit more random. As I live in New York City I have no doubt I’ll ultimately be able to lay hands on every ingredient required. 

Last night I made Sicilian rice balls, or arancino. Basically it’s rice tinted with tumeric (replacing saffron) and stuffed with onions, red wine, tomato paste and pancetta, then fried in olive oil. I will add pancetta pretty much to replace any meat at all although I must say it didn’t make a huge difference here because unless you bit right into it the flavor got completely subsumed. 

The rice got nice and crispy, held together with an egg beater mixture and covered in Japanese panko instead of regular bread crumbs, after salt and peppered it was really delicious. We served it with beets and yogurt salad from one of the great Arab groceries along Atlantic Avenue. Highly recommended.